Ontario Women's Soccer League

Rights of Appeal

Your rights of appeal to Ontario Soccer,

You have the right to appeal the decision of the Ontario Women's Soccer League (OWSL).

This decision may be appealed to Ontario Soccer (OS) and may be appealed by any party affected by the decision.

The letter of appeal must specify your rationale for appealing the decision of the OWSL. Your rational must include:

a. New facts not available when the OWSL decision was made or not available at previous hearings; or

b. Specific procedural errors made by the OWSL or at previous hearings; or

c. Specific instances where Articles and Rules have been wrongly interpreted by OWSL or at previous hearings.

d. Alleged excessive fine, fee, bond or suspension.

Failure to provide an adequate rationale will result in your appeal being ruled out of order and disallowed.

The appeal shall be submitted in writing by registered mail, recognized Courier Service or by hand delivery or by fax or by email to:

Ontario Soccer
The Soccer Centre 
7601 Martin Grove Road
Vaughan, Ontario 
L4L 9E4

email: appealcasemanager@soccer.on.ca

When registered mail or recognized courier service is used to submit the appeal, it must be postmarked or dated no more than five (5) working days from the receipt of the written decision rendered by the OWSL.

When hand delivered faxed or email is used to submit the appeal:

a) it must be received at the OS Provincial Office no later than five (5) working days from the receipt of the written decision rendered by the OWSL.

b) the recorded payment must be received with the hand delivery or within five response days after the receipt of the email or fax

c) in cases of disputed delivery date regarding appeals submitted by hand delivery fax or email, it is the responsibility of the Appellant to prove which date that the appeal was received at the OSA Provincial Office.

A copy of the letter of appeal may be sent to the OWSL, however, it is the responsibility of the OSA to advise all relevant parties of the appeal and to provide them with a copy of the appeal.

The appeal to the OS must include:

1. a letter of appeal;
2. the appeal fee of seven hundred and fifty dollars ($750.00) by certified cheque or money order;
3. a copy of the decision being appealed.

If the appeal is upheld, the appeal fee shall be refunded to the appellant.

For additional information about appeals, call the OS at (905) 264-9390.

Mail any correspondence to the OWSL as follows:

Ontario Women's Soccer League
7601 Martin Grove Road, 
Vaughan, Ontario  L4L 9E4

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