Ontario Women's Soccer League

Cup Rules

The Cup competition under the jurisdiction of the OWSL is only available for Women’s Open Age teams
(there is no Cup competition for U21 teams).

1) The draw shall take place by the name of all teams entered, being placed in a ballot and shall be
drawn in couples. The team first drawn shall be the home team. Both teams shall share the cost
of the match officials.

2) OWSL League games take priority over OWSL Cup games. Ontario Cup takes precedence over
both League and Cup games.

3) Match Officials fees in all Cup games are split between both teams (50/50).

4) All Cup and Playoff games shall be single games only. Should the score be tied after regulation
time five penalty kicks shall be taken by each team, alternatively.

The team scoring the most goals from such kicks shall be declared the winner. Should the teams
be equal on the number of kicks, additional penalty kicks shall be taken alternatively by the two
teams until one team has more goals than the other, after an equal number has been taken. If
no winner has resulted after all members of the team have taken a penalty kick, the same
rotation of players will start over. The Board of Directors may also rule that the game be

5) A player that has played in an OWSL Open Cup competition cannot play for any other team in
OWSL Open Cup competition and are considered “Cup tied”.

6) No player movement is permitted for Cup competition.

7) Any player registered to a League1 Canada team (Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia or Quebec)
at any time in the current calendar year is ineligible to participate in the OWSL Open Cup.

OWSL 2024 Prize Money
Cup Winner $2,500
Runner up $1,000
Semi-Finalists $500

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