Ontario Women's Soccer League

Cup Rules

RULE 14 - LEAGUE CUP RULES - Ratified December 2010


14.1 Teams wishing to participate in the OWSL League Cup must indicate this on their team entry application form at time of registration. 


14.2 All League cup games must be played in their entirety, any game not completed will be deemed a forfeit and a fine will apply. (See appendix A)

14.3 Any team not showing for any League Cup game will be subject to a fine (see Appendix A)

14.4 In the event of a forfeit or no-show, the game shall be recorded as a 3-0 loss for the offending team, and the points shall be awarded to the non-offending team. The offending team shall be assessed a fine (see Appendix A)

14. Format

14.5 At the discretion of the Board of Directors, the League Cup may be played either as a round robin tournament or single elimination.

14.6 The Under 21 Provincial and Under 21 Regional Cup will be played in the tournament format over one weekend. All other League Cups will have the Semi-finals and Finals on an alternate weekend to be designated by the OWSL Board.

14.7 All League Cup games played in the tournament format, the round robin and Semi-finals will be not less than 2 x 30 minutes and the Finals will be not less than 2 x 35 minute halves.

14.8 All games in the single elimination League Cup will be not less than 2 x 30 minute halves. The Quarter-finals, Semi-finals and Finals will be played on an alternate date to the round robin weekend and will be played as 2 x 45 minute halves.

14.9 If a League Cup Quarter-final, Semi-final or final is tied after 90 minutes, the outcome will be decided by Penalty kicks taken as per FIFA rules to determine a winner.

League Cup Schedule

14.10 The OWSL Administrator shall be responsible for preparing the schedule. 

14.11 Any Cup game requiring rescheduling will be rescheduled before the next round is to be played. Failure to schedule and play the cup game prior to the commencement of the next round will result in the automatic elimination of both teams from the Cup, No Show fines and discipline may apply.

14.12 For rescheduled games, the home team shall be responsible for arranging the field, through the League Administrator, who will notify the opposing team.  The referee appointment shall be made through the League Administrator.

14.13 The coaches of the winning and losing team shall be responsible for entering the outcome of the game on the League website within 24 hours of the scheduled date of the game. The League Administrator shall then maintain and publish standings.  Failure to report the outcome of the game will result in a fine, (see Appendix A).

League Cup Procedures

14.14 The League is responsible for:

a) the Game official fees for all rounds of the League Cup including the League Cup Quarter final (when necessary), semi finals and Finals;
b) If single elimination format is chosen then the HOME team is responsible to pay the game officials at the field.

c)  the fields for the Round Robin Tournament, and for all semi-finals and finals.

14.15 The League-Cup schedule shall take priority over the league schedule. (single elimination format)

14.16 The League cup draw shall be made at the Spring Coaches Meeting.

14.17 Teams from the Provincial Divisions will play as one group; South and Central Divisions being combined.

14.18 Teams from the Regional Divisions will play as one group; South and Central Divisions being combined.  

14.19 Teams from the Multi-Jurisdictional Divisions will play as one group; South and Central Divisions combined.

14.20 The OWSL Board reserves the right to combine U21 and Senior divisions into one division, where numbers dictate.

14.21 The first team drawn/listed in each pairing shall be the home team.

League Cup Player Eligibility (“Call-ups”)

14.22 A team is allowed to use not more than five (5) non-roster players in any League Cup game. Such players may be either eligible players from the team’s own club or eligible players from other clubs provided they are properly documented for that game in accordance with OSA rules.

14.23 Any player, including Guest players, may only play for one team throughout the League Cup competition. Once a player appears on the game sheet for a team during the competition, that player is then deemed to have played for that team and is "Cup-tied" to that team.

14.24 Once a player has played in an OWSL League Cup game with any team, she is cup-tied to that team for the duration of the League Cup competition and cannot play in that season’s OWSL League Cup for another team in any division in the OWSL.

14.25 If a player’s name appears on more than one OWSL team roster or game sheet within the cup competition, she will be considered ineligible for the second team listing her name and a fine will be imposed. (See appendix A)  

14.26 Any Player called up from a Youth league to play in the OWSL League Cup will not forfeit their right to play in their own league cup and will remain eligible to play in  the League Cup in the Youth League to which she was called up from.

Round Robin Standings

14.27 The Standings in each Round Robin division shall be determined by game results as follows:

a. Win  = 3 points                                                                                                                                         b. Tie   = 1 point
c. Loss = 0 points

14.28  In the event of a tie for first place at the end of round robin play, the tie shall be decided on the following basis:

i)          Head to head

ii)         Goal Differential

iii)         Least goals against

iv)         Most goals for

v)          Coin Toss

League Cup Rules

14.29 Each team will download a “Tournament game sheet” from the OWSL website and make a sufficient number of copies to cover all round robin games to be played, 3 game sheets per game will be required.

14.30 Teams will register at Tournament Headquarters at least 15 minutes prior to kick off of their first game.

14.31 Player registration books along with a complete roster of ALL players playing that day will be required to be left at Tournament Headquarters until completion of the team’s last game. 

14.32 League Cup and Play-off games shall be played in accordance with OSA Published rules.

14.33 The game ball shall be size 5, as specified by FIFA rules.

14.34 A team may dress a maximum of 18 players per game. 

14.35 Each team is allowed unlimited substitutions however; substitutions shall only be made at the following times:

1. at a goal kick

2. At the time a goal is scored

3. at the start of the second half of the game

4. at an injury for the injured player only at the discretion of the referee 
5. On the team`s own throw-in only. Teams cannot piggy back with a change on the opposing team`s throw

League Cup Administration

14.36 The League Cup Administrator is responsible for:

a) Contacting the advancing teams;

b) In a single elimination tournament, contacting the advancing teams to arrange suitable dates and locations for each game. This will be done within forty eight (48) hours of the pairing having been established. At least two (2) dates should be provided for the choice of the visiting team.

c) Notifying the teams of the date, time and location of the game.

d) Arranging the game officials.
14.37 The semi finals and finals, other than for the U21 Provincial & Regional Divisions, will be held on a non-holiday weekend before the end of July and which weekend shall not conflict with the Ontario Cup. 

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